Pharmacogenomic Testing for 416 Prescription Medications used to treat symptoms of Autism & Comorbid Conditions

" When you meet someone with Autism,

you have met one person with Autism. "

The same statement is true of every person’s genetic makeup (DNA).

No two people on earth have the exact same Gene Variants as part of their DNA....

These Variants control each person's ability to metabolize and respond to prescription drugs!

Only You are YOU.

PROBLEM: Most people with Autism take multiple numbers of prescription medications & can experience harmful drug-to-drug interactions & side effects.

We guide you to the best medications you genetically respond best to,

and to avoid which drugs that create more problems for you.

Eliminate old-style "Trial & Error"methods


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SOLUTION: OnlyYou® Autism

Empower yourself, loved ones & doctors with highly Actionable Information reporting your personal genetic responses to each medication.

" Bringing me a piece of technology is becoming less and less interesting...

and bringing me a SOLUTION that is meaningful to patients and consumers is of the highest value."

– Dr. Martin Harris, CIO of the Cleveland Clinic

How can Pharmacogenomics help my loved one who has Autism?


"Pharmacogenomics" (PGx) is "Pharmacology" (science of drugs) plus "Genomics" (the study of many genes) providing information on how your Personal Genetic Profile controls your unique responses to each medication.

Learn how YOU genetically respond to 416 medicines before and while you take them.. 

The Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs for Autism are Behavioral Medications

Co-Morbid Medical Conditions: 94% of people with an Autism diagnosis experience other chronic medical issues

You can order 3 choices of tests



(*Specifically designed for people with an Autism Diagnosis)

Plus each Results Reports include a whopping 416 medications...many of these are used to treat Autism's many Comorbid Medical Conditions

OnlyYOU® Rx-Only Test

(*Specifically for those without an Autism Diagnosis)

Reports your personal genetic responses for 416 of the most popularly prescribed Brand Name & Generic prescription drugs(Rx)

Order the Rx-Only Test for yourself, family members, loved-ones, and friends to help manage medications that can work best both now and in your future





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GAIN: Benefits of  Pharmacogenomic Test Results

Pharmacogenomics: Tailors your medications by using your genetic test results

Actionable personalized information

Includes both behavioral medications + drugs used to treat comorbid medical conditions

Reports are easy to read & use

Avoid "Trial and Error"

Reports on potential drug-to-drug interactions

Save $'s on Rx costs, co-pays & unnecessary doctor visits

Find right medications that can work best

Avoid unwanted side effects

Avoid dangerous adverse reactions

Avoid medications that simply will not work (genetically) for you

Avoid medications that can inhibit other medications

Receive "personalized medicine" vs. "one-size-fits-all"

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Our clinical lab is CLIA-certified, CAP + COLA-accredited

Exceeding the highest quality standards, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

All OnlyYOU® pharmacogenomic tests conform to the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) published guidelines, the industry gold standard used by the FDA for grading and determining how genetic test results should be used to optimize drug therapy. OnlyYOU® pharmacogenomic tests were developed and the performance characteristics determined by OnlyYOU® Genomics Testing II LLC. The FDA does not require clearance or approval for clinical laboratory developed tests. All OnlyYOU® lab tests and results should be used with other clinical and diagnostic findings for clinical treatments. Although genetic variants have a significant impact on medication metabolism, response can also be affected by factors such as age, race, disease comorbidities, diet and other medications an individual might be taking. These other factors should be considered in addition to the pharmacogenomic information provided. Site made by Bowtie.