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Autism & Rx Medicines

How many Rx Prescription Medications do you report on?

OYA reports on the Top 20 Behavioral drugs prescribed to treat Autism’s behavioral symptoms, AND we include the top 128 Rx most popularly prescribed medications taken by the most amount of people…AND we report on an additional 288 Brand-name generic versions of these prescription drugs. Many are often used to treat the many Comorbid Medical Conditions that are so prevalent with ASD. (OnlyYOU reports on a grand total of 416 Medications!)


Autism & Rx Medicines

How do I know whether there are any negative interactions between any prescription drugs?

Our tests will indicate the possible inhibitors for all prescription medications we test for and are based on your very own personal genes and variants which can enhance, delay, or prevent the efficacy of each medication you may take now and in the future.

Can you recommend which prescriptions might work best for me?

No, we offer personalized medical laboratory services. You will need to obtain this information elsewhere such as your pharmacy, your doctor or a healthcare provider, authorized prescriber or specialist. Under FDA rules and CLIA guidelines, we cannot provide medical advice nor recommend any specific medications.

Can you tell me what drugs or dosage will work best for me?

No. We are not prescribers or recommenders of any specific drug or dose. We do report which medications may work best for you, those that will simply not work, drug-to-drug interactions such as known inhibitors and Inducers,potential adverse reactions, and other valubale inofrmation, all based on your specific genomic test results.

Using FDA guidelines and the law, we cannot provide specific medical advice nor make specific recommendations for any medications.

The medical information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information is intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Only prescribing physicians can order medications for you.



How can I reach OnlyYOU™ Autism?

See our CONTACTS page for ways to contact us. We will provide you with a prompt reply for your questions.

If my physician has questions, whom do they contact?

Physicians are encouraged to contact us directly by email to:
Also, see our CONTACT section on this website.

When I have questions, where do I ask them?

First, review our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). Visit our CONTACTS PAGE for any questions and email us. Your questions will promptly be answered.


General Questions

Can I purchase just the Autism portion of the test?

No. The benefits of the OnlyYOU® tests are maximized by receiving both the Top 20 behavioral drugs used to treat Autism together with the results of 128 Rx’s and 288 Brand Name Generics which are the most popularly prescribed pharmaceuticals. We cover 27 chronic medical conditions, many of which are so prevalent with Autism.

What if I have questions about which specific drugs to use for treating Autism and/or any medical issues?

By law, we do not provide any medical advice. Please share your results of your tests with your healthcare professionals and discuss your questions and concerns with them.

Will my insurance cover this?

No. To keep your costs as low as possible, OnlyYOU® has chosen to sell directly to you – the consumer. Insurance normally does not reimburse for our type of specific PGx testing for average consumer testing.

In the vast majority of tests, IF insurance reimbursed labs for these tests, your co-pay and out-of-pocket costs and requirements would most likely be higher than what we charge for your OnlyYOU® tests.

Will I ever need to re-test?

No. Your genes never change, so your tests are good for a lifetime.

How much do your tests cost?

$299 for the OnlyYOU® AUTISM Report and $299 for OnlyYOU® Rx-Only test.

Visit our OnlyYOU® Test pages and our Reports & Results page for more information.

How can I buy OnlyYOU™ tests?

Order and pay for your test on-line at We only accept credit cards. (No debit cards). (No refunds). Our tests can only be purchased on this OnlyYOU® AUTISM website.



How is a PGx test different from a blood test?

Blood tests are not used to test your genetic metabolism for medications.

Pharmacogenomic testing uses simple and safe cheek swabs, to gather your saliva samples. Since your genes never change, you need to test only once in your lifetime. Most pharmaceuticals are metabolized by genes found in your liver.

How often do I need a PGx test?

Once in your life, because your genes never change.
One and done! (Genes may mutate, however your varaints controlling your drug metabolism never change.)

What is Pharmacogenomics ( "PGx")?

“Pharma” comes from “pharmacy” (drugs) and “genomics” is about a person’s individual genetic makeup. OnlyYOU® Pharmacogenomic Tests measure your individual gene’s ability to metabolize and respond to different medications. “PGx” is the abbreviation for Pharmacogenomic testing.

What else can you tell me about "Pharmacogenomics?"

Pharmacogenomics is the testing of, analysis and reporting of Multiple Genes and Variants and how they all combine to affect your individual drug metabolism and your personal response, efficacy, adverse reactions and inhibitors. Pharmacogenomics is the tailoring of medication treatments to fit your individual genetic makeup, and which can lead you to ‘personalized medicine’.

Pharmaceutical companies all use Pharmacogenomic testing for their medications for population (people) studies to learn the effectiveness of and responses to their products. This data is then used to help determine appropriate sizes of dosing, frequency of doses, and much other important data.

Who recognizes PGx's effectiveness?

CDC (Centers for Disease Control), NIH (National Institutes for Health), FDA (Federal Drug Administration), Mayo Clinic, and other leading healthcare institutions.



Does your test tell anyone whether someone is taking any drugs of any kind?

NO. We do not ask which medications you have taken, are taking, or might take. The benefits of the OnlyYOU® tests are maximized by having both Autism behavioral medications and the most popular prescription medications. The results of the information reported can then best be utilized for you, your child or loved ones while working with your prescribing physicians to discern medications that may work best for your health.

We protect all information about you by following the strictest HIPAA guidelines.

How safe is my personal account and information?

We do not share or sell your email, personally identified data or billing information to anyone. Please visit our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policies pages (and watch our video). We take your privacy and security very seriously and utilize the strictest HIPPA compliant guidelines to protect you and all of your personal information.

How private is my personal OnlyYOU™ report?

We take your security and confidentiality seriously. Your OnlyYOU® personal data is secured by sophisticated security encryption and exceeds rigid HIPAA compliance regulations. Please review our Terms of Service and visit our Privacy Policies pages (and watch our video)



What will my personal OnlyYOU® Rx-Only report tell me?

Your personalized report shows how your unique genetics metabolize the most prescribed 128 Rx drugs with an addtional 288 generic-names, and how you will genetically respond to each medication. You and your physician can effectively select the most appropriate prescriptions that are personalized only for you. Our unique report includes information about drug inhibitors, warnings, potential adverse reactions, and other information for appropriate clinical treatment.

What will my personal OnlyYOU® AUTISM report tell me?

Same as above, PLUS we report on your personal gene metabolisms and how You genetically respond to the top 20 most prescribed behavioral medications used to treat the behavioral symptoms associated with Autism. Includes critical lists of medications that are likely to inhibit the efficacy of the prescriptions we report on. The full Rx list contains 416 of the most populary prescribed medications. These include the Rx’s used to treat the many comorbid medcial condtions most often prevalent & associated with Autism.

Who should I share this information with?

We highly recommend you share your reports with your doctor(s) and healthcare professionals. Ask them to make your report results an important part of your Electonic Medical Records (EMR) and personal health information (PHI). You will have the ability to share your report results with your family, friends and people you care about.



How do I interpret my results?

OnlyYOU® PGx test result reports are colored coded, with easy to read information that show the specific genes tested, the medications we test for, and any warnings, dose recommendations, adverse reactions and other valuable information provided to help you concerning prescription medications.

For our Autism test, we will provide you with your metabolic results, which is your body’s ability to most effectively utilize and respond to the top 20 Behavioral Medications used to treat Autism. We include warnings, potential inhibitors and potential adverse reactions, as additional value in your personal report results.

Results should not be interpreted without a trained healthcare provider; however, these results provide you with the unique personalized information to help you consult with your doctors, specialists and healthcare providers to create the best evidenced-based precision clinical treatment plans just for you.

Licensed Healthcare professionals play a crucial role in OnlyYOU™ results for interpretation and medication change recommendations. They are trained to understand drug-to-drug and drug-to-gene interactions and are based on your test results. They are the only ones who may make prescribing recommendations for you. All decision-making authority remains with the prescribing physician.


Your Orders

Can I order tests for my family?

YES and that is a great idea! You can order a test for anyone in your family, friends, or associates.

Due to HIPAA regulations, each individual can review their own test and will have their own account identity. However, each person is allowed to share their test results with anyone of their choice such as healthcare specialists, friends and other family members, co-workers, etc. Always be sure to share test results with your prescribing physicians and ask them to make these reports part of your personal medical records.

OnlyYOU® offers two (2) choices of tests:

(1) the OnlyYOU® AUTISM Test was designed specifically for those with an Autism Diagnosis. Included are results for the Top 20 specific Behavioral Medications used to treat the behavioral symptoms of Autism And also reports a total of 416 of the top medications used by the most amount of people and for most of Autism’s comorbid medical conditions. $299 OR (2) You can order the OnlyYOU® Rx-Only Test for your genetic responses to the top 416 popularly prescribed medications for those individuals not impacted by Autism. $299

All OnlyYOU® Tests cover 27 different medical conditions.

How do I get my test results?

You will receive an email when your results are posted to your secure personal portal. Log in with your secured personal account to view, print, download or share your report. Remember that we will also send your results report simultaneously to the physician you have chosen in the ordering process so that we meet the requirements of the FDA.

Once I've sent back my testing kit, how soon before I get my results?

The average time to be notified with your OnlyYOU® test results report is one business week from the time your test kit is received back from you in our lab.

Once I've ordered my test, how soon before I get my testing kit?

You will receive your OnlyYOU® test kit in an average of 2-3 business days via free Federal Express. You never pay any shipping costs when receiving or sending your test kit.

Must I first obtain my physician's approval to order my test?

No, you do not need approval first. Simply order your test directly through our website. We strongly recommend you select a doctor for their approval during your order process. (We have 870,000 physicians in our database). If you select a doctor, OYA will automatically contact them for their approval. As you order your test, we will ask you to select your physician of choice to approve the test. You decide to make a choice of a physician or not. Your test results can be shared with your physician when you receive notification your results are available on your private portal. *Please ask your healthcare professionals to make your OYA test reports part of your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and persoanl healthcare information (PHI).

How do I send back my test kit to your lab?

Just put your completed test kit in the Pre-paid pre-addressed Federal Express envelope, then drop off at any Fed Ex pickup location. You never pay for any shipping. Avaiable in USA-only for now