Can I order tests for my family?

YES and that is a great idea! You can order a test for anyone in your family, friends, or associates.

Due to HIPAA regulations, each individual can review their own test and will have their own account identity. However, each person is allowed to share their test results with anyone of their choice such as healthcare specialists, friends and other family members, co-workers, etc. Always be sure to share test results with your prescribing physicians and ask them to make these reports part of your personal medical records.

OnlyYOU® offers two (2) choices of tests:

(1) the OnlyYOU® AUTISM Test was designed specifically for those with an Autism Diagnosis. Included are results for the Top 20 specific Behavioral Medications used to treat the behavioral symptoms of Autism And also reports a total of 416 of the top medications used by the most amount of people and for most of Autism’s comorbid medical conditions. $299 OR (2) You can order the OnlyYOU® Rx-Only Test for your genetic responses to the top 416 popularly prescribed medications for those individuals not impacted by Autism. $299

All OnlyYOU® Tests cover 27 different medical conditions.

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