How do I interpret my results?

OnlyYOU® PGx test result reports are colored coded, with easy to read information that show the specific genes tested, the medications we test for, and any warnings, dose recommendations, adverse reactions and other valuable information provided to help you concerning prescription medications.

For our Autism test, we will provide you with your metabolic results, which is your body’s ability to most effectively utilize and respond to the top 20 Behavioral Medications used to treat Autism. We include warnings, potential inhibitors and potential adverse reactions, as additional value in your personal report results.

Results should not be interpreted without a trained healthcare provider; however, these results provide you with the unique personalized information to help you consult with your doctors, specialists and healthcare providers to create the best evidenced-based precision clinical treatment plans just for you.

Licensed Healthcare professionals play a crucial role in OnlyYOU™ results for interpretation and medication change recommendations. They are trained to understand drug-to-drug and drug-to-gene interactions and are based on your test results. They are the only ones who may make prescribing recommendations for you. All decision-making authority remains with the prescribing physician.

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