• Medical Cannabis

    Medical Cannabis (MMJ) contains specific Cannabinoids which may provide certain medical benefits for those with an Autism diagnosis.  Medical Cannabis can legally be purchased in those states in which Autism is approved as a "Qualifying Condition". *Each state has different rules, guideline and laws  about Medical Cannabis. The most effective delivery methods for taking MMJ are Oral. Pills,oils, tinctures, drops, edibles, pills,etc. and provide the best medical benefits.

    BE CAUTIOUS! "50% of people taking Medical Cannabis simultaneously with Prescription Medications suffer harmful Drug Interactions which can result in loss of effectiveness for MMJ, your Rx's or both, and often create undesirable side effects."

    Please learn more! Medical Cannabis is much more than just CBD!!!

    *You can also order our OnlyYOU®AUTISM test combined with our new Medical Cannabis Test at Navigator Genomics.

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