• Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

    Pharmacogenomics (Abbreviation is “PGx”) is the identification of genetic variations and their association with variations in drug treatment response. The term is derived from the combination of the words “Pharma” (pharmaceutical) and “Genomes” (your personal genes).

    [OnlyYOU™ Autism is a PHARMACOGENOMICS company. We measure and analyze many genes and variants and report on large amounts of genomes that are personal and relevant just for you.]

    For Autism, since every person has their very own set of genes and variations of genes, our OnlyYOU™ Pharmacogenomic tests are used to measure these gene variants. The results of each personalized test help identify the medications and doses that may be the most effective for each person tested.

    Using life sciences and molecular technologies, “Pharmacogenomics” measures many of your specific genes and your personal variants (alleles) to determine your individual metabolism for prescription drugs and medications.

    Please click on “Learn More” button to view a Mayo Clinic video that will help to educate you about PGx.

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