Reading Your Report

Stop guessing. Start knowing.

Comprehensive results reports are easy-to-read, navigate, understand and to use.

Your personal test results are acessible for you to print, download and store, and share via your password-protected highly encrypted account portal on the OYA web site at all times.

Your doctors will appreciate receiving your in-depth test results to provide you with personalized clinical treatments, best medications, and utilizing phamacovigilance at all times.

  • AUTISM TEST: TOP 20 Behavioral Medications to treat symptoms of Autism, Plus...

    Results report show your responses to the Top 20 Behavioral Medications used for treating Autism’s behavioral symptoms. Actionable Information is detailed for correcting dosages, for avoiding ineffective medications, and for known inhibitors that can potentially can decrease your effectiveness of each drug.

    This test includes the most prescribed 416 Rx medications plus lists many of which are often used for clinical treatments for the comorbid chronic medical conditions so prevalent with ASD.

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    RX-Only TEST : Personalized actionable information for the most popularly prescribed prescription medications.

    Reports on 416 top Rx medications. Learn which Rx medicines may work best for you. In-depth information helps you avoid adverse reactions, unwanted side effects and the medications that simply will not work for you.

  • Drug-to-Drug Interactions Are Reported

    Each report shows your potential drug-to-drug interactions which can cause many undesired problems. Your prescribing physician will be able to better match the right medications that can work best for you.

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  • Very Easy to Read and Use

    Reports are color-coded and all medications are organized alphabetically to make it simple for both you and your doctors to find, understand and use your very comprehensive results. Reports average 40+ pages of in-depth content.

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  • Your Gene Variants are Unique

    Every person is genetically different. Actionable information shows how you metabolize medications, known medications that can inhibit other Rx’s, and reports potentially problematic medications that can cause loss of effectiveness, side effects or adverse reactions. Keep your results on-hand for valuable information concerning medications you may take in the future.

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  • Genetic Summary Reference Card Included

    Your OnlyYOU® Summary Report Card includes your personalized genomics information so you and healthcare professionals can easily reference your key genomic results. Carry this card with you at all times.

    (*Click on each of the report images to see larger and more readable examples of the report information)

All OnlyYOU® pharmacogenomic tests conform to the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) published guidelines, the industry gold standard used by the FDA for grading and determining how genetic test results should be used to optimize drug therapy. OnlyYOU® pharmacogenomic tests were developed and the performance characteristics determined by OnlyYOU® Genomics Testing II LLC. The FDA does not require clearance or approval for clinical laboratory developed tests. All OnlyYOU® lab tests and results should be used with other clinical and diagnostic findings for clinical treatment. Although genetic variants may have a significant impact on medication metabolism, response can also be affected by factors such as age, race, disease comorbidities, diet and other medications an individual might be taking. These other factors should be considered in addition to the pharmacogenomic information provided.