• Doctor McCants thanks OnlyYOU® Autsim

    Thanks to OnlyYOU® Autsim, I can now very precisely & effectively match each of my Autism patient’s medication needs more precisely than ever before. Very impressive & what a great solution.

  • Maggie B's Testimonial

    My 5-year old son Jeffrey took this simple test, and with my doctor’s help, we changed the doses of 2 behavioral drug prescriptions. Really helped ease his side effects.

    I then took my son’s OnlyYOU® Autism report to his gastroenterologist (GI doc) and he matched up the best prescriptions for Jeffrey’s nasty stomach problems. Wow!

    Jeffrey’s past feelings of constant stress and anxiety are now both greatly improved. Got all his meds for GI problems just right and Jeffrey is feeling much healthier too.

    Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

  • Grant C. Testimonial

    This test was so easy and we got the OY Autism results for our son back in a week. Extremely Satisfied– because we were able to change Timmy’s prior medications whose side effects had been making our son feel truly miserable.

    Even Timmy’s doctors were very impressed.

  • Chuck T Testimonial

    Bought the OnlyYOU Rx-Only test for my problem with high blood pressure medications.

    With my doctor’s help, we eliminated 3 of my prescriptions that were just not working for me. I am now down to just 1 pill a day and have successfully controlled my high blood pressure.

    No more nasty side effects for me. Thanks!

  • Jill G Testimonial

    Took my OnlyYOU Rx-Only report to my doctor. Delighted with how easy it was for him to match the key pain medication doses that now work best for me…and I Saved lots of time and $ money.


  • Meghan's Testimonial for my family

    I ordered 3 more OnlyYOU tests for each member of my family after I received mine….I used my own test for correcting the dosage for my 3 pain prescriptions.

    My husband’s test helped him get the right meds for his diabetes, my young son for his Autism anxiety & depression medications, and my daughter for correcting the doses of her ADHD drugs. Your tests have been a true blessing for all of us.

    Thank You for helping my entire family!

  • Carol V Testimonial

    I had been taking as many as 9 to 12 different medications every day. “I felt bad all the time”.

    Took my OY Rx test and went over my report with each of my 3 different healthcare specialists.

    GREAT RESULTS! They changed several medications, added or reduced doses for others and I am now down to taking just 4 pills. Now, I feel sooooo-so-so much better.

    I deeply appreciate what OnlyYOU® has done for me.


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